Ha Giang

Ha Giang is a mountainous province in the North Estof Vietnam.Ha Giang City-the capital of theprovince, is 350km from Hanoi and is easily accessibleby road.
It is in this province found the most spectacular mountain scenery in Vietnam. The tourist attractions of the province comes in addition to the presence of many minority ethnic groups (Tay, Mong, Dao,Nung, Cao Lan Hoa, Lo Lo) with their nestled on the slopes of hills and valley slost in the villages.
As in other provinces of the North,the best time to visit Ha iang is between May and October, with aprecaution to the months o fAugust and September where the risk of land slides are important.


Sites to visit in Ha Giang:

- Dong Van Market :

The market on Sunday morning full of life and its historic district with small stone houses carefully cut a particular style.


- Dong Van Plateau:
Dong Van is a small town near the Sino-Vietnamese border. We are at the heart of a region called "Plateau stone" candidate classification to global geological parks, with over limestone mountains often bare of vegetation.

- Village of Pho Bang:

Located 58 km from Yen Minh, this is an authentic village of Hmong and Chinese to the territory of Vietnam , with multi-storey houses with " drilled " earthen walls covered with tiles, perched on the mountains ... like oasis , if you look from afar. This is the ideal place to discover their daily lives.

- Meo Vac:

Meo Vac is a small town of a few thousand inhabitants located about ten miles from Dong Van , in the far north of Vietnam. She is lost in a valley surrounded by high limestone mountains. This is due to its isolation from the rest of the country that Meo Vac is sometimes called the" Eagle's Nest" black Hmong .