Capital of the most populous province of Laos, Savannakhet is a very quiet town on the Mekong River, consisting of old French houses. Unfortunately, these buildings are somewhat abandoned by the Lao, who prefer to build new buildings without charm, as the restore. Nevertheless, the large square surrounded by arcades and tall trees, is particularly attractive.

Savannakhet also has a Catholic church, which indicates the presence of Phalang and gives it an air of big French town, especially with the players ' Petang "that can be crossed at every corner.



If you have some free time, take a look at the two monasteries that have the city: Wat Sainyaphum, the oldest and the Vat Rattanalangsi which houses a religious school and houses a reclining Buddha 15m.

Although the colonial architecture of interest to visitors, it is not the sole interest of the city. A temple, Wat Hin Hang, deserves a visit. It remains the most sacred of Laos, and the largest of the South after the Vat Phu Champassak. Top 9 meters of the fifteenth century reliquary, this building would house the vertebrae of Buddha.

During your visit to Savannakhet, do not forget to visit the ruins of Heuan Hin (stone house), which represent the Khmer art and resemble a mini- Vat Phu.

In addition, around Savannakhet, it is possible to make fascinating treks in the Natural Protected Area of Dong Phu Vieng, with a population of Katang, ethnic group whose customs are different from others, worship the spirits of the forest.