Ha Long


The eighth wonder of the world
Located north -east of Haiphong, Halong Bay is part of the Gulf of Tonkin. It extends over an area of ​​1,553 km2 and is dotted with thousands of limestone karst terrain. It has 1,969 islands and islets, most uninhabited because of their steep terrain and thus preserved. Vietnam known for centuries as the most beautiful scenery in the country ( so much so that says a Vietnamese can claim to know his country without visiting Halong Bay ) , Halong Bay has been declared a World Heritage by Unesco in 1994 ( Unesco site ) . This is one place where the action takes place film Indochine (Catherine Deneuve). Top view, the bay offers an extremely picturesque landscape, beyond all imagination. On a blue background , arise countless loaves of sugar in all shapes and sizes that it looks heavenly palaces built on earth, between which you see by it, and there, white spots and brown of sails coming and going . A boat will plunge visitors into a magical world, between sky and sea, to witness this silent and eternal love which made since no one knows when, the mountains and love water.

The legend of Halong
It was once the country was assaulted Vietnamese. The Mother Dragon and her children, sent by the Jade Emperor to rescue this country attackers attacked by spitting jewels and beads which soon transformed into islands in contact with the sea, some isolated, others as walls of the jagged peaks to not let the enemy. When peace returned, the Jade Emperor, worried not to see the dragons back, sent a messenger who told him that the dragon mother and her children had decided to stay put. Therefore the place took the name of Ha Long (which means "descending dragon "). Here's one of the legends that explain the origin of these incredible landscapes.
Halong Bay is like a beautiful girl who knows makeup depending on the weather, time of day and seasons of the year. So there is no good and bad season to visit. Blue or gray sky, sun or fog, the bay is worth a visit.